“Real Estate is the best investment
in the world because it is the
only thing they are not making anymore.”

-Will Rogers

Landmark. We’re about Experience.
Leah Paskus of Landmark Group has made her mark on the landscape of commercial and residential real estate since 1994. With over twenty two years of residential and commercial real estate mortgage experience, Leah leverages strategy, relationships, and experience to negotiate deals where each party is a winner.

Landmark. We’re about Goals.
At Landmark FG Realty, we understand that each transaction is unique. We recognize the individual goals of each client, and apply our talent and connections to meet them.

Landmark. We’re about Relationships.
Clients benefit from her longstanding relationships with local banks, conduit lenders, agency lenders, mortgage REITS, insurance companies, credit unions and private equity funds.

Landmark. We’re about Strategy.
Landmark FG Realty’s strategic partnership offers a wide range of financing options across a variety of lending institutions. Our ability to secure funding for our clients, and our commitment to the highest loan quality, makes us a landmark on the real estate scene.